Becoming A Client

What funds are appropriate for investment With Fried Asset Management, Inc.?
Funds that are available to invest for a 4-5 year time frame, or longer, are appropriate for managed accounts.  We recommend against investing in any stock-market strategy if the client anticipates a near term need for these funds for any reason.


Becoming A Fried Asset Management, Inc. Client
A major brokerage house will be the custodian for all accounts managed by Fried Asset Management, Inc.  Any check or transfer should be made out to “the Custodian,” not Fried Asset Management, Inc. The account is maintained in the name of the client only.  We have no ability or right to withdraw funds from your account* This can only be done by the client.  We will trade securities in your account as provided for by our agreement with you. Our fees, which are outlined in the investor advisory agreement, are charged in arrears for the previous quarter.  With your authorization, these fees will be deducted directly from your account unless you wish to make other arrangements.

Steps to Establishing An Account

•  In order to establish an account, the proper account application and
account transfer forms must be filled out.

•  Once an account is open, you will receive regular statements as you
would from any brokerage house.

•  The client has Internet access to their account at the custodian’s
website.  Additionally, the client will receive monthly statements from
the custodian and confirmations of all trades.

•  Fried Asset Management, Inc. clients often have the benefit of a lower
commission structure than that which is normally attainable by the client
if they open an account directly with the custodian.  Our clients pay a flat
fee of $7.99 per trade.   Fried Asset Management, Inc. receives no
compensation for commissions.

* Management fess may be withdrawn from the account as mutually agreed in writing.

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