Our Services

Our Services
Fried Asset Management, Inc. provides fee based managed account services for separately managed accounts.  Accounts are held in the clients name at a major brokerage firm.

The firm manages most type of accounts including:

•  Foundations
•  Endowments
•  Corporate pensions 
•  Public pensions

•  401k Plans
•  Individual taxable accounts
•  IRA accounts
•  Profit Sharing account
•  Define benefit pension plan accounts
•  Custodial accounts
•  Designated Beneficiary accounts
•  Limited Partnership accounts
•  Trust / Partnership accounts
•  Retirement plan account

Advantages of Investing with Us

•  Independent Research - All research is done personally by David R. Fried, who is experienced in the analyses of business.

•  Personalized Service – It is our desire to help our clients make appropriate decisions in their financial lives of. There is no charge for our consultation time or referral fees accepted from other professionals.

• Long-Term Perspective – Our goal is to help our clients build assets over time. As a fee-based company, our income grows onlyif your account grows.

•  Control without Stress-Your account will be held at the custodian in an account in your name.  Therefore you maintain ultimate control over your money.

•  User Friendly Tax Reporting - Our reports are easy to understand and ready for your accountant.

•  Tax Deductible Fees - Our fees may be tax-deductible, (check with your accountant to find out if it is appropriate).