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As a respected Investment Advisor, David Fried is often in the news as a sought after expert in on the markets.  Below is a selection of articles and interviews featuring Mr. Fried.  To view a particular article, click on its title.

Investing in Companies That Buy Back Stock
The Wall Street Transcript, July 2010

Misplaced Skepticism Can Cloud True Context in Financial News
Palisandian-Post Financial, Dollars & Sense, February 2010

Why This Market Rose Despite the News
Palisandian-Post Financial, Dollars & Sense, February 2010

Stocks: Buy,Sells or Run for the Hills?
Palisandian-Post Financial, Dollars & Sense, October 2008

Buying into Stock - Buybacks
Kiplinger's Personal Finance, December 2007

Booming Buyback Market: Good News for Savvy Investors
MarketWatch, The Guru's Corner, February 2005

When Buybacks Are Signals to Buy
BusinessWeek, Investor, October 2001

The Bounce From Stock Buybacks
The New York Times, Strategies, May 2002

Maximum Markdown: OfficeMax shares are a bigger baragin than the stuff it sells
Barrons, December 2000

'Buyback Letter' Thrives in Volatile Market
Palisadian-Post, August 2001